Aerosol Canisters

Aerosol Canisters

Aerosol canisters are particularly lightweight. They are suitable for up to 12 litres (gas content) of non-toxic and non-corrosive pure gases or gas mixtures. Aerosol canisters have a built-in shut-off valve and are equipped with an NPT 1/8” connection.

For the use of aerosol canisters the following withdrawal fittings made of aluminum have been established:

The dosing valve is used if:
• pressure reduction is not necessary
• dosing only takes place for a short time (because of the falling primary pressure, constant discharge over a prolonged period is only possible with readjustment.)
• the connected system can withstand a pressure of 12 bar, or is open to the atmosphere

Due to its special construction the TOP Valve provides:
• evacuation up to the closed gas canister valve
• avoidance of contamination during withdrawal

The pressure regulator reduces the output pressure to 0.6 bar (fixed factory setting). The flow rate can be
adjusted with the integrated dosing valve. The pressure in the canister is indicated at all times on the primary pressure gauge. This valve offers:
• exact dosing at reduced working pressure
• virtually constant discharge pressure with falling primary pressure
• limitation of the pressurisation of the connected system (e.g. glass apparatus or measuring instrument).

CAN gas


The disposable, portable gas canisters for small quantities